Bringing Healing And Education Together.

We believe in creating healing and advancing education with the benefits of increased personal wellbeing through coaching and learning.


Helping you balance your energies using techniques like Reiki and EFT (Silent Tapping only) to help you relieve stress and help you get closer to your goals.


One to one life coaching sessions to empower you to develop easy and practical skills for everyday emotional and mental wellbeing.


Learn different techniques and strategies during course programs to reach wellbeing, relieve stress and bring balance into your life as well as others lives.

Hello! I’m Annie Gillenwater

Behaviour Consultant In Education | Well-Being Coach | Emotional Healer

I was born and raised in South Africa and trained as a Secondary School Teacher before setting of on a journey of a lifetime to the United Kingdom.

 I was a classroom teacher for 17 years before joining a Specialist Behaviour school where I worked as an Outreach Teacher. I worked in many schools supporting children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, high functioning autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) whilst training school staff. 

My Expertise

Well-Being Coach - Emotional and Mental Health

Online Reiki Healing

Child Behavioural Consultancy (Parents And School)

My Courses

An Introduction to ‘do the nattylala’ with Silent Tapping


I want to contribute to this world by imparting knowledge I learned over the years to help others achieve emotional wellbeing and a positive mental health.


To create a place where healing and education can run parallel reaching an audience across the globe.

My Book

Join coach Phil Reed and teacher Annie Gillenwater nee Moodliar as they share a groundbreaking technique which helps children access their optimum learning state. Learn how to ‘do the nattylala’ (an acronym for different intentional phases) using silent tapping, and transform unresolved negative emotions that block effective learning.

In a constantly changing world of teaching and learning, A New Approach for Calm Classrooms is written for teachers, parents, carers and anyone who works with children. This unique book describes an approach quite different to other behaviour management methods – most of which share how to manage the teachers and pupils external environment.

International buyers can search for this book “A New Approach For Calm Classrooms” on their local Amazon Website. Book Available Worldwide.

Release Anxiety in 5 minutes

"Fabulous for anyone on a spiritual journey. I found it was an amazing, positive and unique experience. When Annie, my therapist started to work on memo shoulders became heated and I felt able to 'let go'. It was non invasive as well as being so soothing and spiritual. It was my first experience of this totally holistic experience, which I would fully recommended."


I was unsure of what to expect so I called Annie and talk to her about reiki and then I explained my problem about my knee from running. She explained how it would help so I book an appointment. After the session I notice a improvement on my knee so I was happy to book another appointment.