How can Reiki HEAL Traumas and Triggers?

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What is Trauma?

We all suffer with trauma on some level.

Trauma is an emotional response to a distressing or disturbing event.

Trauma is subjective to a person. What does that mean?

This means that:

1. No two people experience trauma in the same way.

2. What one person may find distressing may not be distressing to another.

Trauma is Personal

Traumatic situations can vary from person to person. It is defined by the emotional response experienced by the person rather than by the trigger. Therefore, two people in the same situation will not necessarily experience the event in the same way.

How many of us replay the harsh words of ‘you are not good enough’ from our loved ones or people of importance such as teachers? We all remember this personal trauma and, boy oh boy, does it still appear in our adult life.

There are two types of trauma – Emotional and Physical trauma

Examples of when a person may have experienced trauma are:

· A death in the family, including death of a pet,

· Emotional and verbal abuse at any stage of a person’s life,

· Physical pain or injury,

· Divorce – experienced either personally or in childhood through parents, grandparents etc.

· Bullying – mild to severe

· Accidents – mild to severe

· Criticism experienced in childhood, at a job, from parents, from partners, from teachers etc.

So, how can trauma effect a person and the body?

Trauma can affect a person in different ways. The intensity of the trauma can determine how severe it is experienced. The effects of trauma can cause emotional distress, anxiety, loneliness, worry, sadness, stress and irritability.

Trauma can settle itself at a deep cellular level in the body and the mind.

If you suffer with trauma long enough it can lead to dis-ease in the body. If not dealt with or released trauma can store itself in the body as pain, PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) and mental disorders such as depression.

Trauma and Triggers

Each time there is a trigger a person can experience the trauma all over again. Sometimes with strong intensity and sometimes with low intensity. Each time a person talks about the event, the trauma can be triggered again.

Trauma triggers can include and not limited to this list:

  • Speaking to a person who may have played a part in the trauma event, such as an ex-partner, a parent, a friend, etc.
  • Financial worry – a letter from a creditor or a low balance on a bank statement etc.
  • Watching a similar traumatic experience in a movie
  • Listening to a song that reminds the person of a traumatic period

Basically, a person can be surrounded by unconscious trauma triggers everyday. Each time the person can experience an emotional response in ways such as panic, anxiety, sadness, stress and many other overwhelming feelings.

How can Reiki help with Trauma and Triggers?

We all have an energy field. When I first start a reiki treatment I scan the person’s energy field. This tells me where the person’s energy is low and where the person’s energy is flowing well in the body. If the energy is low, it is likely that that’s where the trauma is stored in the body. So, if a person is experiencing pain in the knee from an injury, for example, the energy field may be low around the knee, leg and hip area. If a person feels anxiety from a childhood trauma the energy field around the head and heart may be low. Stored trauma can vary from person to person.

As reiki is non-invasive, the body can heal old trauma from a cellular level.

Remember reiki allows the body to activate its own healing ability. The person is always in control of how much healing they want to allow. Once the initial trauma is healed, this allows for other therapies such as talk therapies and physical therapies to be explored in a more gentle way.

So, what trauma do you want to release?

Try a reiki treatment today to heal old traumas that do not serve you. Find balance in your life with reiki.