How does Reiki work?

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Reiki Healing | 0 comments

Due to the stresses of modern-day life we all can incur many blockages in our energy system, that is, body, mind and emotions – thus, causing ailments in our body. Reiki breaks down any blockages, encouraging the patient’s energy to flow more easily. When the energy flows easily, the body’s able to reduce anxiety, reduce stress, manage emotions and feel energised.

When we are stressed the body goes into ‘flight or fight’ mode. This can produce the hormones cortisol and adrenalin. Short bursts of these hormones are important for when you are, for example, faced with a bear and need a quick getaway. However, too much of these hormones and for long periods of time can cause stress in the body which can lead to blockages and eventually, over a period of time, dis-ease. Reiki, can send the body, mind and emotions into relaxation and sometimes deep relaxation (all depending on how relaxed a person wants to feel) causing a break down in these blockages and an increase in the flow of energy. The body recognizes this and activates the healing process.