Reiki for ANXIETY

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Reiki Healing | 0 comments


Ever experience anxiety? It’s the silent thread that weaves itself in and out of our daily life. Most people cannot see another’s anxiety but we can feel it, see it (through behaviour) and hear it (through words). Turn the mirror around and most people cannot see YOUR anxiety.

Right now I am going through my own anxiety. Most people cannot see it but I know it’s there and I can feel it. I am going through a major transition at work. I have always worked in a school and I know what is expected of me, how it runs and it is small enough to build peer/colleague relationships. But since January 2020 my Outreach service has moved to a big Children’s Service. Now when I say big, I underestimate the enormity of this. I now work for the entire borough/council.

But not only has my service moved, physically, my role has changed from an Outreach Teacher to an Advisory Teacher (which I feel confident about) but learning a new way of working can cause anxiety. (Anxiety #1)

However, the most #anxiety provoking factor is that the service is under restructure. If anyone does not know what restructure is, well it means evaluating the number of jobs required to run a business. Yes, there could be less job posts than the number of people currently working in the service. So what’s going to happen with/to our jobs? I still await to find out. (Anxiety #2).


Well the GREAT thing about #reiki is I can treat myself – we call the #reikiselftreatment.

Every morning or evening, I give myself a 15 minute reiki treatment. This helps me keep my peace and calm throughout the day, irrespective of other people’s anxieties. And we all know if one person is anxious, it can ripple out to others, very quickly. As you can imagine all my colleagues are feeling this anxiety. So put it all together and it becomes one big, uncontrollable anxiety bubble.

When life is full of stress and you just want to be left ALONE!!


1. I can separate my anxiety from other people’s anxiety. This becomes more manageable for me.

2. Reiki calms my mind down so I can continue to work and continue to build my #reikibusiness. The proof is in the pudding. I’m writing this blog right now.

3. The stress from anxiety can cause joint pains for me. Every time I give my self a treatment, my joint pains subside and I am able to continue with my day, pain free.

4. Reiki reduces the anxieties I feel to a point where I can do my day job, run my business, run/organise my household and be a consciously, present mum to my kid.

Now, none of the above are easy jobs by far but having treatments of reiki helps me cope with all these life demands. I am not perfect and I have moments when it can all become stressful but because of regular reiki treatments I am able to bring myself to peace and calm quicker and continue my journey.

Last night, I had my monthly #reikitreatment with my reiki teacher. When I came home I felt re-enegized. I was able to sort out bits and bobs on my website before going to bed.


So, right now, #reiki is working it’s magic in my life and helping me get through this period of wobble and insecurity with calm, peace of mind, pain free and stress free.

Today, I am #GRATEFUL to have reiki in my life.