Reiki for Burnout!

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Reiki Healing | 0 comments

Have you ever felt like you’ve been ‘hit by a bus’ and just could not move? Or felt as though you want to sleep for days and have no-one disturb you? Or you felt like you exercise, eat healthy, get to sleep at a reasonable time, take your vitamins but still feel exhausted?

Yep! That’s burnout!!

Burnout can come from internal and external stresses.

Firstly, let’s go through some of the external stresses: parenting, running a household, going to work, dealing with traffic, keeping up with appointments, studying and even keeping up with staying fit and healthy.

Some of the internal stresses: memories, memory triggers, your own thoughts, pms, emotional distresses, pain and many others.

These are just everyday stresses. If you do not take the time to release and let go of these everyday stresses it can settle itself in the body. Over time this can build up and lead to dis-ease such as auto-immune diseases, allergies and asthma, cancer, heart disease and many more. The body is a great sponge for soaking up our daily stresses but it can get to a point where it will feel burnout if we do not take the time to release this.

I experienced burnout myself and had no idea I was burnt out. After an Ofsted inspection I could not move and had to take a day off work. I went back to work the next day and when I was asked how I was feeling I burst out crying and just could not stop. I was signed off for 6 months because I could not stop crying, had not energy and basically could not function. I had no control over when I would cry and for how long. There was no way I could be in front of the classroom teaching.

I then turned to reiki treatments to help me relax. I had quite a few at the beginning and the therapist worked on my mental and emotional health. I started to release years and years of stress build up. I began to feel calmer and was beginning to manage my emotional state. Not only was the reiki helping my mental and emotional state it helped the physical ailments (rheumatoid arthritis) as well. Alongside all the other help I was receiving, reiki was in the background helping my body and mind heal itself.

Reiki is a complementary therapy which means it works in conjunction with all other treatments. What is does is it sends the body into deep relaxation, breaking down blockages that stop the flow of energy (this is where problems can build up in the body) and allows the body and mind to start to heal itself. The body is an amazing machine that is designed to heal itself. An example of this is when we bruise ourselves, it can heal so perfectly. Reiki helps increase the body’s ability to heal itself at a faster rate.

So having reiki treatments can actually help deal with everyday stresses and prevent future burnout. It does for me.