What happens during a reiki treatment?

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Reiki Healing | 0 comments

Before a reiki treatment you will complete a client confidential form.

We can have a chat about your reasons for the treatment or we can get started immediately. This is up to you. I work intuitively so I feel your energy field to see where your energy is low. So even if you don’t tell me your areas of need, I will be guided by the energy to know what areas I need to work on. I use the energy field as a guide to help my work.

You will lay on the table. Some clients prefer to be covered in a cozy blanket whilst others prefer the coolness of the air. If you prefer to sit on a chair, that will work just as well.

When the treatment begins I will start at your head and work my way down the rest of the body. I usually place my hands on your shoulders, under your head, hips, thighs, knees, legs, and feet. However, reiki can be done without touch and is just as effective. As I am working with intelligent energy, it will go to the areas of need, automatically.

I will let you know when the treatment is complete and you will be given some refreshing water.

We will then have a quick chat about your experience.