Our Services


Helping you balance your energies using techniques like Reiki and EFT to help you relieve stress and help you get closer to your goals.


One to one life coaching sessions to un-knot some past beliefs and clear your pathway for future desired success in areas like health, wealth and relationships.


Learn different techniques and strategies during coaching sessions and course programs on how to reach wellbeing, relieve stress and bring balance into your life as well as others lives.

Reiki Healing

For Anxiety

For Pain Relief

To Help Poor Sleep

Stress and Anxiety

Sports Injury

Poor Immune System

Mood Swings

Irregular Emotions

Emotional and Mental Well-Being

Coaching for Adults on Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

Find a New Perspective for a situation

Set goals and draw up an action plan

Identify Self-limiting beliefs and make changes

Low self-esteem

Stress and Anxiety

Irregular Sleep cycles

Heal your Inner Child

Isolation and loneliness

Parenting emotional and mental health

Teacher emotional and mental health

Coaching for Parents on child behaviour

Parent Consulting and Advice on Behaviour Management

Parent Consulting on Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)

School Staff Consulting and Advice on Whole Class Behaviour Management

Schools Consulting on ‘do the nattylala’ for Calm Classrooms


An Introduction to ‘do the nattylala’ with Silent Tapping

Healing And Coaching

I heal my clients using Reiki and EFT techniques. I also conduct one to one life coaching.

Behaviour Consultancy

  • Social, Emotional, Mental Health (SEMH)
  • Pathalogical Demand Avoidance (PDA)
  • Schools
  • Parents