Group Remote Reiki

Was this your first reiki experience or have you had other treatments before?

I have had others but for pain and not an official treatment.

How do you feel your reiki treatment has helped you?

It did help the pain

Did you feel at ease with my delivery?


How would you describe your experience?

I had cold sensations in my legs. I did feel a great sense of calm and relaxation

Would you recommend reiki to your friends?


Do you have any suggestions on how the reiki experience can be improved?


How well do you feel the group reiki treatment worked?

I feel it worked really well and being able to discuss it after was a great! Thank you!



Hi Annie

Thank you so much for the EFT session. I really loved the experience and it is just what I needed.

I can feel the EFT certainly helped me. It will be a useful strategy and a conscious reminder to keep detached from the issue I brought today.

I thought your session was really well presented, it felt so supportive and your approach is natural and relaxing.

I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues – I think they would benefit from it in the same way I have done.

Thank you for sending the visuals too as this will be a reminder if I forget the technique.

I think the yawning was helping me to expel some of the toxins and now I feel quite sleepy and relaxed.

Many thanks again


I have had 2 amazing sleeps and feel really light. I def think it’s shifted a block. So feeling good.


Remote Reiki

Hi Annie

Thanks so much for my treatment with you last night, I found it so interesting and felt very rested and calm afterwards. I slept so well last night and really enjoyed the way the treatment made me feel. I found it fascinating how much you picked up! Thank you so so much and I look forward to booking in again for an in-person treatment once we are allowed ?

Thanks again and take care


Remote Reiki

I recently had a remote reiki healing session with Annie Gillenwater and it was my first experience ever with the practice of reiki. When I say remote, I mean, Annie is located in the UK and I am in the US & we had a session as if I were in person. I am a true believer in the power of energy, so I was completely open to the idea of this type of energy healing. I was especially receptive to the idea since I had been experiencing some anxiety with some life changes I knew were going to be coming soon, on top of being mid-pandemic.

As I am new to this form of healing, I will say that I would compare the experience to my mediation practice with additional flashes of light & physical feelings of warmth and chills as the session was happening. I then met Annie for a debriefing zoom call which revealed so much.

She picked up on the fact that I was quite rushed just before the session started. She must have released some of that anxiety because I remember being surprised at how quickly I was able to calm down at the beginning of the session & quite my mind. Annie and I discussed  what energies she had felt & locations on my chakras/body that she focused on. The most incredible part was that she had sensed “movement, joy, & the word *baby* came to mind” during the session. I hadn’t told anyone but my husband at the time, but those life changes were tied to the fact that we had just found out that we’re expecting our first child!

I would highly recommend setting up a reiki healing session with Annie as she is an intuitive, caring, & gentle person. She does a wonderful job at creating a safe space that makes anyone instantly feel comfortable and open for healing.



In-Person and Remote Reiki  

I have had an in-person Reiki session with Annie. It was wonderful. I was left full of energy and relaxed.
Then during the lockdown, Annie suggested she can do a distant reiki session with me. Distant Reiki is something I couldn’t understand. How can someone evaluate my body energy without being in contact with me in any way: visual or touch.

But I went with it. We had no prior conversation about my problems. We fixed a date and time. On the day she texted me half an hour before the session to confirm. The session lasted 40 minutes. I was lying on my bed and trying to be still. It was difficult for me to be still as I had not been sleeping well for a few days. After the session was over, Annie called me.

The first thing she said was I was restless, and she felt low energy throughout. And that was so true. I was feeling unwell because I had not slept well in days, it made me anxious and agitated. Annie told me she sent healing energy for me. She also suggested I use certain essential oil to help me sleep. Plus, she gave me tips on how to calm down and let go of things.

Amazingly, that night I slept like a baby and the next day I was cheerful and happy. So Annie’s remote reiki session worked very well for me. Annie is a competent therapist who makes you comfortable during treatment. And most importantly her treatment works to heal you.